New Orleans Local Storage

New Orleans Local Full Service Storage

Safe & Secure


MaloneyStorageOur full service New Orleans local storage gives you the peace of mind that your possessions are properly prepared, safely packed and securely stored in our facility in Elmwood near Clearview and Jefferson Highway.


Your best storage option


Your items are individually pad wrapped and packed into our storage vaults, still recognized as the best way to store your belongings while reducing the risk for damage due to mold and mildew, dust, theft or extreme temperatures.


Easy in, easy out


Our professional moving crews can pickup your storage items from your home, creating an inventory of all items for your records. When you are ready to remove your items just call us up and we can deliver them back to you, placing your furniture in your home as you require. You can also set up an appointment to deliver your belongings to us, access your belongings during the storage term, or remove your items from our storage facility.


Choose Maloney for your New Orleans Local Storage Needs!